Tragic Enough

award_of_merit_ensemble_of_castgolden_world_producerCompleted in 2015, Tragic Enough won the Golden World Award for ‘Best Producer’ and World Awards of Merit for ‘Best Ensemble of Cast’ at the 2016 World Film Awards.

Written by Yiwen Liu and Directed by Kent Fry, this short film increases awareness about the issue of domestic violence in Australia, particularly in minority ethnic cultures.

Mark finds his ideal wife, Fang, from China on an online website.  Wanting to have permanent residency in Australia, Fang is happy to marry a westerner and looks forward to a new life.  At the beginning, it seems that both of them are committed, in young love and that despite having vastly different backgrounds and cultures and a language barrier, the relationship looks promising.

However, soon into the relationship, Mark’s true nature is revealed to being far from the idealistic foreigner who can give Fang a better life in a Western country.  Starting with physical violence, Mark’s abuse turns emotional and it shows the realities about what often happens behind closed doors in domestic violence.  Two Asian university students are shown to discuss the nature of events that was seen on the news, revealing the tragic events that lead up to Mark’s death.

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Kent Fry
Ben Brunnekreef

Yiwen Liu

Tsu Shan Chambers
Jonathan Stone
Tiffany Wong
Jessica Lee

Wise Goat Productions

Chris Saville

Film Editor
Jake Bray

Makeup Artist
Amy Chen

Boom Operator
Paul Szilard

Etienne Grobbelaar

Assistant Camera
Ann Rollins

Ann Rollins

Caterer / Location Manager
Julie Szilard

  1. lemeli says:

      Wanting to have permanent residency in Australia, Fang is happy to marry a westerner and looks forward to a new life. Where did you get this information?

    • wisegoat says:

      Hi lemeli,
      The film is based on fictional circumstances although the writer developed the concept from her own personal experiences and observations.

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