Spend some time today and contemplate your power as an individual. Know that what you see is what you have created for yourself. - Goat

  • Kreung College

    8 x 1hr TV Series – Thriller Logline: A freshman at a prestigious residential college becomes part of a student club where teenage girls are empowered to find true love by having as many boys …

  • Blind Love

    Feature Film – Romance Drama Logline An everyday working mother is forced to confront a past lover in order to save the vision of her only child. Synopsis Inspired by true events, BLIND LOVE is …

  • Tweenie

    4 x 7 minute Comedy Drama A busy mother turns into a tiger mum whilst trying to control her tweenage daughter’s journey from primary to high school. Synopsis After finding out she is behind the …

  • Gundy

    “Gundy” Feature Film – Action Comedy Logline After preventing the murder of a teenager by a corrupt official, Megan, a bodyguard escapes with the girl to a small Australian town Sam, an army veteran provides sanctuary …

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