4 x 7 minute Comedy Drama

A busy mother turns into a tiger mum whilst trying to control her tweenage daughter’s journey from primary to high school.

After finding out she is behind the eight ball on her tweenage daughter’s journey into high school, busy mother Hai-Li becomes a dreaded tiger mum whilst trying to make up for lost time. She zealously tackles selective high school exams, bras, boyfriend and farewell dance dresses, with the help (or lack thereof) of her fun loving husband and cheeky-but-wise mother. Becoming a tiger mum is easy, but staying that way is hard – for everyone else!

The intended audience is primarily between the ages of 35-49, skewed towards females. Our secondary audience are females aged less than 14. We are targeting a large audience interested in smart, female led comedy and heightened drama television programs with strong female protagonist. These are busy mums that get limited time to watch their own programming, and so stealing half an hour a week to themselves or just 7 minutes a day whilst on the treadmill or commuting is a personal treat. Our audience is typically isolated because they are so busy juggling parenting and work that they don’t get a lot of time to share the highs and lows of parenting with friends. They want to laugh and cry with characters on screen that represent them. Our secondary audience of less than 14 would watch the program with their mums, so they can both have a laugh together about the challenges of their changing lives.

With the soul of Singaporean produced TV series TIGER MOM and ABC comedy THE LET DOWN, TWEENIE is an online series with a strong Asian Australian identity that taps into a huge global marketplace. Primarily TWEENIE is about familial love on a downward slope to going rotten. But it is also about how we push ourselves – and those around us – to excel and be perfect, even if it’s against our own true, independent creative nature.

Key Creatives
Producer – Tsu Shan Chambers (The Legacy)
Director – Heidi Lee Douglas (Devil Woman)
Writer – Lily Cheng (Atomic Kingdom)

Key Creatives
Producer - Tsu Shan Chambers (The Legacy)
Director - Heidi Lee Douglas (Devil Woman)
Writer - Lily Cheng (Atomic Kingdom)

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