Kreung College

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8 x 1hr TV Series – Thriller


A freshman at a prestigious residential college becomes part of a student club where teenage girls are empowered to find true love by having as many boys as she likes. But she soon discovers, that once she is marked as one of them, there are certain rules that can never be broken.


It is Vivian’s first day at the prestigious Kreung College on campus where only the brightest and most accomplished students are accepted as residents. Vivian is completing an extra subject over summer before university officially starts, so the college is practically deserted, except for a small group of unusually intimate students.  At first it seems they are a part of a free romantic club where the belief, like in the remote Cambodian Kreung Tribal villages, is that the best way to find the one you want to marry is allowing their teenage girls to have as many boys as she likes to come and stay the night in their “love hut”.  The college Dean and Executive Assistant pride themselves that their female students often become confident in dealing with boys and have a powerful sense of what they are looking for in a relationship.  Vivian quickly falls for the student club president but soon learns that once you have been marked as part of the club there are certain rules that can never be broken. “Till death do us” part suddenly becomes very real.

Writer/Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers


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