The Ripper

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6 x 1hr TV Mini-Series – Psychological thriller

The abusive past of a newly promoted homicide detective threatens to derail her investigation into the murders of high profile Sydney
citizens with a history of violence against women, and whose gruesome fate mirrors the work of the world’s most infamous serial killer –
Jack the Ripper.

A prominent Sydney barrister is found brutally murdered in Sydney’s prestigious eastern suburbs – his body disembowelled and hung on
the front fence of his multi-million dollar estate. Freshly promoted homicide detective Julie Sotheran is assigned the case, despite fears
from her colleagues that she is too young and inexperienced to deal with such a heinous crime. But Sotheran has lived through horrors the men in her department will never know – she is a survivor of a violent and abusive relationship that nearly killed her three years ago.

Determined to prove everyone wrong and to find justice for the dead, Sotheran infiltrates the underbelly of Sydney’s upper-class, where rumours of domestic violence swirl around the deceased, making his wife a prime suspect. But when another perpetrator of violence towards women is found disembowelled and hung up in the streets, Sotheran’s murder case quickly becomes a hunt for a serial killer who seems to be targeting powerful men with a history of abuse. A media frenzy erupts when a journalist from the Sydney Telegraph connects the murder dates, times and styles with those committed by Jack the Ripper over 100 years ago. The public go wild with
support for the killer, who is hailed a hero for providing justice for the abused in a way the police never could. But Sotheran knows that if
the killer is a copycat, there are three more murders still to come – each more violent than the last. The Time’s Up movement has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning, but will Sotheran be able to catch the killer in time? Does she even want to?

Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers

Writer: Paul Rybak

Executive Producer: Jenny Lalor

Tracked by Beyond International

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