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Feature Film – Action Comedy


After preventing the murder of a teenager by a corrupt official, Megan, a bodyguard escapes with the girl to a small Australian town Sam, an army veteran provides sanctuary and support, and nothing is as it seems.


Megan, a Chinese ex- elite forces operative is on duty in South Korea as a professional bodyguard when she prevents the attempted kidnapping and murder of a wealthy, orphaned teenage girl ordered by a corrupt government minister. Discovering that she has become a scapegoat for the botched operation, Megan decides that the only option to save herself and the girl is to disappear, assisted by a military compatriot now working in a secret UN/diplomatic role. Megan reinvents herself as the mother of the teen, and the pair end up under the protection of Sam, a special-ops veteran living in the small outback town of Gundy, Australia. Initially dismissive, Sam becomes intrigued by Megan as she instigates the transformation of Gundy through her need to create order and security in the face of chaos. As she unearths the town’s secrets, Megan comes to realise that almost everyone is an outsider with a traumatic past. However the depth of feeling between Megan and Sam is only truly realised when the killers inevitably track them down. The assassins are blindsided by the power of a man and a woman who finally have something to live for, backed up by an idiosyncratic community with a strong heart, ferociously united in the town’s defence.

Director/Writer/Producer: Chris Godfrey

Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers

Executive Producer: Andrew Mason

Script Editor: Matthew Dabner


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