Blind Love

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Feature Film – Romance Drama


An everyday working mother is forced to confront a past lover in order to save the vision of her only child.


Inspired by true events, BLIND LOVE is a romance drama about Alana, an Optometry Masters student, who falls in love with a judo athlete, Bao Ji, who is training for the Paralympics.  He is also visually impaired.  Not having the courage to give up a life and future she had already worked so hard for in Australia, Alana, torn and broken-hearted, does not go back to China with him.  Instead, she has a baby and marries an old flame who ticks all the boxes and Bao Ji eventually becomes a fond distant memory.  That is, until 8 years later, when Alana’s daughter, Mae, is diagnosed with a rare inherited eye disease that may be treated through stem cell therapy.  When it is revealed that Bao Ji is actually Mae’s true biological father, Alana must convince Bao Ji to come back to Australia and save their daughter’s vision without losing everything else she holds dear.

Director: Angela How

Writer/Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers

Executive Producer: Mark Lazarus

Co-Producers: Ade Djajamihardja, Zhila Hasanloo and Brian Chambers

Script Editor: Shirley Pierce


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